About me

godsson1Hello, and welcome! My name is Kad’miel. Born and raised in the beautiful city of Oakland, California, I dedicate most of my free time focused on helping other first-time  authors navigate their way through a seemingly endless trek through the self-publishing jungle. My goal is to have more and more writers and authors push towards the completion of their novel and successfully publish it and share their works among a vast audience via the world wide web in addition to reaping the benefits of their hard work through a steady, passive income if they seek to do so.

My passion is writing awesome fiction/non-fiction stories and even books that benefit others seeking guidance, ultimately leading them to freedom mentally,physically and financially. I was born during an era when some of the most brilliant and influential writers and directors of books and films were at the pinnacle of their profession during the late 70’s to late 90’s. Having absorbed them all, my imagination deepened and grew without being tainted by unoriginal concepts and remakes. I’m driven by the vision of writers writing and filming their own works, bypassing it being hacked up, dissected, and sawed away at until there is barely any sign of them in their own labor. AuthorsRevolution.com is the premier site for any and all useful resources in the uprising of a self-publishing nation.

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