Death to Remakes ! The importance of the self-publushing revolution

 Death to Remakes I declare! Movie ReelI’ve always wondered if it were the directors and producers who decided to remake a movie or if it were those far more up the business ladder who made the final decision. What ever the case may be, there’s got to be some kind of code of ethics in regards to when, why and what movie should be remade. (I’m sure you can agree.) Some might say that it was the new technology that was developed over the years that enticed directors and producers to recreate old memories. Sometimes, just sometimes, the updated versions are a bit more interesting (visually) and the story is told a bit differently, but there isn’t much to expect. There’s no element of surprise. I stopped wishing hollywood would cease to remake films. It’s part of the business. Whatever makes a sell pretty much goes. It’s the undividuality, the story, the riskiness of being different and bringing something new to the audience and the world that has me so inspired and determined to make a mark in the industry. It’s not about riding the gravy train of the hottest niche or market. It may be smart for business, but it is in no way helping an artist strengthen his or her talents and skills. Thinking outside the box has always been the omega rule for a thriving business,company or person with an agenda and a plan.

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