The Path of Self-Publishing

 The Path of Self- Publishing: finish-lineMany dream the big dream,but fewer get to live it. Out of all the titans in the publishing and media industry, none had let life and all of its challenging defaults derail or consume their aspirations, goals and ambitions. It is solely because of a vision  they’d conceived of themselves that was so compelling–so promising and edifying, they’d made a mental pact to ensure those thoughts and visions became a reality. In Fact, the only difference between those who are living their dream and those who are not is the consistency they practice on a daily basis. An aspiring author would be blown away at all of the perks and allies they would have stumbled upon had a little consistency been practiced. Being consistent leads to near-perfection of a certain something being practiced no matter what it may be. Regardless of where you are in your current project and despite all the doubts that may swing through your head at some point in time, being consistent is always something you can count on. Take it all a day at a time and remember that through time and consistency you will see your dreams become reality. If you’ve ever wanted to address yourself as “The author of…”, finish your novel. Plain and simple. Traditionally published or self-published doesn’t really matter. Write, Write, Write!!


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