how to write your book and succeed

An author is like a flourishing fern

An author is like a flourishing fern

Congratulations! on your choice of choosing this website to learn how to write your book and succeed! Remember: An author is like a flourishing fern. These 7 easy-to- follow steps will be listed quickly and easily:

If you’re a green banana or a brown-freckled one, this is what you can do ūüôā

how to write your book and succeed:

Step 1: However you can, Get a notebook! It’s cheap, it’s convenient and most of all, it’s extremely vital in the role of completing your book. You will be able to write down thoughts and ideas at a moments notice and outline your stories and chapters; all of this for an investment as small as $2.99.¬†In today’s world , most of us have devices and tablets. For those of us who are on a budget, this is right up our alley.

Step 2: Start Small! ¬†Gradually¬†increase the time and effort on your book following the tips listed in step three. Make daily and Weekly goals. Listen… Writing a book is a very tedious and time-consuming thing. Most first time authors tend to get burned out. It’s not a flip-it-quick project. You do that, and you’ll suffer in ways you never thought would effect you, your authorship and possibly your career. I plead with you when I say TAKE YOUR TIME.

Step 3: Interview yourself !¬†Pretend you are being interviewed on your latest novel. Ask vital questions about it. What is your novel about? Where and When does it take place? What happens in the story? Begin with a character. Make them believable. They should have pains, secrets, joys and shortcomings like a real person. The idea is to compound your ideas until you have enough content that answers all of your questions and fills all empty holes in your story. Oh yeah… It is a must that everything makes sense and have continuity throughout the entire book.

Step 4: Consistency and Accountability!¬†¬†If you have friends or writing partners… Perfect. Use one another as support and motivation on your journey. Hold each other accountable for the lack in consistency in regards to your daily and weekly goals. The more consistent you are, the closer you will get to finishing your book. For those of you doing this alone, it will be a bit more difficult because the outcome of your project solely relies on you and is a reflection of the choices you’ve made along the way. It is up to you whether those choices are smart and productive or poor and irresponsible. However, you will be among the elite authors simply because you remained disciplined and crossed the finish line by yourself. Be strong, be proud.

Step 5: Stay focused and motivated!¬†¬†There will come times when you begin to doubt your work. You will begin to feel as if it is not needed or there is already something out there that is on the same subject and has already seen a good amount of success. No matter what doubt that may enter your mind, know and understand that this is a natural reflection of your inner fears. Taking on the task of writing a book (whatever the subject may be) is to call upon strengths and productive qualities that may lay dormant within you. Determination and perseverance are qualities most don’t understand, therefore they don’t know what they are or how to use them. It is too easy to throw in the towel; but to continue to write and push towards your goals in the middle of troubling times in your personal life is to have determination and perseverance. For more info on this tip please visit¬†

Step 6: Publish your hard work!  I can go on for days listing the steps and multiple benefits of publishing your book.  After all, you absolutely deserve the very best return of your investment. Here is a link to get you started on the road to your goals

Step 7: Educate yourself for the success you will bring! ¬†¬†Becoming self-published is no less than doing it the traditional way. Anybody today that has self-published their work will tell you that taking the path of self-publishing will benefit you in ways that you’ve never imagined. Now is the time people. These are 7 steps on how to write your book and succeed. Get educated and get all of the royalties you deserve. Live as you should being a writer. ūüôā

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