Through Hard Times

starEverybody who has a dream should already know that there is going to be a period of struggle and hard times. Sometimes we have to do things we would rather not do in order to make a living. But, we keep our dreams hidden in our hearts, using them as drive to persevere Through Hard Times. Then, and only then will we see our dreams come to pass. I use my dreams, my goals as drive to push onward during hard times dealing with everything else surrounding me that may effect me negatively; especially my job. Strangely, to me, it seems as if life itself is but a dream. It can be exactly what you want it to be, or not to be. We have to keep pushing. We have to stay consistent with our goals. I work the graveyard shift for a security company. From midnight to 8am i’m plotting, planning, scheming and studying the steps to become a successful self-publishing author. I make $21.70 an hour, But for the stress and rotten politics that comes along with the company I work for, it is not worth a penny. I know who I am. I know what i’m worth. Knowing this keeps me grounded at times when I want to scream. I’m fighting to escape my 12 hour jail cell. I will be free. I will be happy.

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