Connection between Mind and Universe


I can hardly explain how wonderful it feels to have witnessed parts of a dream unfold right before my eyes. It’s quite strange actually… I mean the way im surprised and thrilled every time I reach a short term goal. I wish everyone in the world understood what I understand about the amazing abilities we posess as human beings. I’m talking about the power of the mind, our thoughts and the ability to manifest what lies at the apex of our hearts. The Connection between Mind and Universe. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have discovered how to harness these abilities and use them to my discretion. The picture in this post was taken by me as I breathed in the fresh air off the waters of New York. This was a very special and important day for me as I took it all in with my wife alongside me. You see, I’m one of the biggest dreamers you will ever meet in life and I don’t believe in the word “NO”. My very first novel which is almost complete is based in Manhattan and i’d never stepped foot on the streets of New York anytime before then.  This was just a small confirmation for me that i’m still on the right track and if I believe that I will be one of the greatest authors the world has ever had the pleasure of following… so be it. Heck, my wife and I even had the pleasure of seeing Denzel Washington perform “A Raisin in the Sun” on Broadway. I was lightheaded the whole week. As a fan of american film and having the strongest desire to be a film director, to have seen one of the greatest actors of my time fifty feet in front of me, gave me the strongest inspiration I could ever have. I want you to understand that the road to the finish line will be long and bumpy, however, you must be stronger than you can imagine, you must find that warrior inside you that God has put in all of  mankind, you must make a promise to your future self who has already tasted the fine spoils of your hard labor, that you will see him or her one day.You must be able to vision in your mind the day when you are acknowledged for your great accomplishment, you must never ever cease striving to live in the moment . When you are able to do these things, you will have learned to harness the power of the universe just as I have.

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