Self Publishing ( 5 good reasons )

Ladies and Gentlemen. As you may or may not know, more and more aspiring authors and writers are joining the shift in one of the most important and influential industries in the world. Self-Publishing!  Thanks to powerhouses like Amazon and Apple, new writers and authors are very likely to have their works published and distributed around the world. Here are just five of a thousand reasons why anybody should self-publish.

1) Free Real-Time Business Education. Most writers and authors who have successfully completed some type of project and have self-published it, have also absorbed a good amount of information that would assist them in becoming even more successful in their self-publishing endeavors, ultimately becoming business saavy and enthusiastic about future projects since it is their own works they are publishing and marketing.

2) You are well rewarded for your hard labors. Traditionally published authors hardly receive their fair share for the amount of work that went into pulling off the “nearly- impossible;” ( finishing a book, finding a good literary agent to represent their work, rewriting, and getting a decent publisher). The traditional route will get an author paid about .50 cents for every book sold if they’re lucky. Imagine how much more you could be rewarded for a book that sold like hotcakes for a price of $9.99 at a 70% royalty rate. That’s exactly what the self- publishing market is offering right now. Go to See for yourself!  In the world of Traditional publishing, a payout of this sort is unheard of, unless you are someone like Stephen king or J.K. Rowling.

3)You are the ruler of your own destiny. No more begging Literary agents for representation. No more discouraging letters of declination. No more of those multi-million dollar making bullies hacking up your work and taking out the very material that defines you as a unique author. In the world of self-publishing, the readers ultimately decide whether you are fab or flab. You aren’t turned around and rejected before anyone has even had the chance of reading your book. At , the whole world is your potential audience and there isn’t any gatekeeper, A.K.A. (Lit. Agent) to stop you from shining.

4) Be your own boss. Keep your regular job until you are ready to quit. Believe it or not, can provide the means for becoming a full time author. That means you wake up when you want, get dressed when you want, work when you want, go out and have fun whenever you want. The more books and novels you produce, the more money Amazon will make for you. After producing a couple of good quality products, you can look forward to having those monthly earnings as a means of residual income. Don’t get weary. You might say it takes too long to write or make a book. Ladies and Gentlemen, you don’t have to anymore! There are ghostwriters for hire for little to nothing. In fact, most could take a few of their own blog posts and BAM! A decent, quality e-book to sell on Amazon. Get your money.

5) Live your dream in the blink of an eye. Everything is going digital. Soon, there won’t be a need to go outside. (just kidding. I think.) We are a very impatient generation. Everything is programmed to move so fast… including seeing your dream as a successful author come to life. Just finish your work. Upload it. Pretty it up and…. BAM! Get your money.

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